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My victory over infertility

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

My journey to conception and full-term delivery was not a simple journey at all. At 23 I was told I would never be able to get pregnant due to infertility. I had been on the fertility drug called clomid for about two and a half years I had two major surgeries for infertility one where they showed me my tubes were blocked and one that was an attempt to remove the blockage and still no baby. I was helping take care of other people kids and could not have one on my own. I prayed everyday that God would open my womb. I even created a faith wall with baby clothes. I was buying baby items in faith that God was going to do it for me. My husband at the time had three biological kids and according to his medical report his sperm count testing he was fine; the problem was me. The emotional struggle was defeating at times. I would cry myself to sleep because of the shame of not being able to conceive. I had all the side affects that was on the side my prescription bottle: hot flashes, weight gain, depression, you name it I got it. I would go to the doctor to never hear any encouraging words just defeated phrases like: "Just because you get a period doesn't mean you are ovulating", "your eggs are not working (matured), "since you are infertile you might as well get a hysterectomy that will stop your period from ever coming back", "You will never have children of your own". At one point I was open to getting in vitro fertilization (the cost for one cycle was like about 12K) and getting a surrogate (40K plus medical expenses) but it wasn't within my family budget. It was not until I really got desperate and started digging deeper in my prayer life and relationship with God that the burden of not being able to have kids lifted from me. He reminded me of Hannah and Rachel and His timing with them. I started working on what He was calling me to do and God showed me Himself. A few years later I got pregnant but the pregnancy would not go full term. A trickle of the past defeat of infertility would try to come and poke his head but I was determined not to let it defeat me I had gotten a taste of hope from the faith I had been storing up all those years. I would meet another doctor who would tell me that I wasn't necessarily infertile but that I had polycystic ovary syndrome and that the odds of me conceiving or having a baby were low. They also said the odds of me having more than one were even slim to none, and that I would need to be treated for this condition. I am grateful that when I let go of the wheel and let God do His perfect work He blessed me two beautiful healthy full-term children with no fertility drugs or treatments. He opened my womb in His timing and I received my promises. Ladies infertility is something that affects women everywhere. It plays on you emotionally, financially, and physically. Infertility can cause marriages/relationships to split up. The stain of infertility can cause one to question their faith in God. But hear me this day if He did it for me I know He can do it for you. Trust the process and stay on His will for your life and you will see His perfect work done in you.

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