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Letting my Light Shine

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

For years I never shared with people what I did for a living or in ministry. I considered it being boastful. If I wasn't introduced to you in that capacity you just wouldn't know anything else about me. I never really marketed my business, my success has been based off of building relationships with my clients and word of mouth from their experiences with me. Through this journey of evolution, I was able to see that I was actually afraid of being accepted by others so I put limits on my potential. I was afraid of the negative remarks people would say about my ministry and business so I always played it safe. It was not until this year that I have actively embraced my value in the earth. I realized that in my fear that I was not just hurting myself but those I was assigned to impact. I am no longer allowing fear and personal defeat to keep me at the ceiling of my life. In me sharing my purpose with others it has opened doors for me to build relationships with other people who are pouring back into my life to get me to the next level. Through this experience and much preparation, I have launched my Erica Ministries site. I am picking back up my podcast. It will be transparent and empowering. In September I will be launching my YouTube Channel to help women heal from their past scars and move forward in their lives. In January, I will be adding credit repair services to my income tax business. In December, I will have my book officially completed and ready for purchase. In March 2020, I will be hosting my annual Women's conference on a level I have never done before. This conference is about the healing and reconstruction of the who woman. Overcoming this fear has cause me to recognize that some of the things I have been seeking I have actually done already successfully. I am evolving more in confidence in who I am. I am ready to go in the rooms that are attached to my life. Time to soar!

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