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Leaving the past behind me (Overcoming Personal defeat)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

As I sit here reflecting on my life and where God has brought me from. I am reminded of how my old mind use to think. I would inflict myself with confessions and excuses of my defeat. I would allow the enemy to minister to my spirit and my mind of personal failures to stain my stain my identity and ultimately come to destroy my destiny. I can remember a time when things would go wrong in school, my past relationships would fail, and my spiritual life was dying. It was not until I was ready to truly surrender and walk into the eye of the storm and embrace my truths so that God could heal those broken areas in my life and I could walk into my purpose. Even after my deliverance there was process I had to endure and that was not looking back. I am reminded of the stories in the bible of Lot's wife and her inability to not look back and move into her new beginning, and some of the children of Israel that wanted to go back to slavery in Egypt because of comfortability in their circumstances. I was determined to press through this institutionalized mindset of defeat and break this cycle off of my bloodline. The first step was to change my confessions and start speaking the word over myself when the enemy would attack my mind. I had to forgive myself from the past which included past relationships. At first I thought it was him and them I was being haunted by but through prayer and fasting the faded picture of my hurt had became clear and I started to realize that it was me I was real mad at. I started fighting pass the thoughts of what I was leaving to where I was going. I started writing my goals down and I got a accountability partner (celebrator not tolerator) to keep me focused and on track of hitting my deadlines. This was a process for me but God reminded me that it is not His will for me to do this thing called life alone, He reminded me in His word when He made Eve for Adam. Next thing I did was changed my friend circle to fit the direction I was going. I needed to be surround by people who could encourage and pour into me so that I could get to that next season (place) in my life, these were people who were doing what I was reaching for. I realized that when you are in total defeat you tend to live life beneath your true potential because there is no stretching there, and the people in your life keep you comfortable with staying where you are in life. As a result my life started to flourish and my mindset blossomed into so much more. I now have a college degree working towards another degree. I'm happily married to a man I truly love and loves me back. I am a entrepreneur making enough money to stay home to care for my children and pour influence into them, and most of all I'm whole. None of this could have happened if I didn't fight to not to look back. Always remember the past are just lessons that teach us not to make the same mistakes in our present and future. The past can leave scars, but know all scars can heal you just have to be willing to go through the process. The past does not define you because you can always change your story (path).

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